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Pacific CA Systems is ready to roll! Our growing truck and trailer fleet can deliver argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen where and when you want. We also have a fleet of off-road capable Kenworth T-800 tractors. We have twelve that are licensed at 80,000 lbs., three that are licensed at 90,000 lbs. and four that are licensed at 105,500 lbs.

Mobile Nitrogen

Refrigerated Liquid Nitrogen (1977)

Nitrogen Static

we gladly transport and place at your site

Mobile Carbon Dioxide

Refrigerated Liquid Carbon Dioxide (2187)

Mobile Oxygen

Refrigerated Liquid Oxygen (1073)


Refrigerated Liquid Argon


1420 Industrial Way
Union Gap, Washington, USA 98903
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Phone: 509.576.8632
(Toll-Free in North America)

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