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Pacific CA Systems, Inc. is strongly committed to a safe environment for our customers, employees, and the general public. This commitment is reflected in our maintenance of high quality of equipment and a high level of training of our personnel. The result has been an excellent safety record with very few reportable incidents since our inception in 1990.

TRANSPORTATION OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS - Pacific CA Systems, Inc. regularly transports cryogenic liquids that are deemed to be hazardous materials. The materials we haul are limited to nitrogen (UN 1977), oxygen (UN 1073), argon (UN 1951), and carbon dioxide (UN 2187). All of these are prevalent in our atmosphere.

As part of our commitment to safety, we are a member of CHEMTREC (CHEMical TRansportation Emergency Center). CHEMTREC is recognized by emergency responders, industry, and government as the world's foremost emergency call center for information on hazardous materials. Their call center is available on a 24/7 basis to assist those who encounter a chemical spill/release. They have over 5,000 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) at their disposal and worldwide contacts that serve as response specialists. We encourage you to learn more at their web site.


Call 911

Call CHEMTREC AT: 1-800-424-9300

When you call they will ask:


Our vessels vent normally due to the natural vaporization of the products we transport. As the liquid begins to warm above temperatures that allow it to remain in a liquefied state, it essentially boils, vaporizing into a gas.

If the vessel isn't vented and the pressures are not regulated to remain below the normal working pressure, two things will happen. The first being the vessels' safety system will begin to automatically vent the pressure. The second being if the safeties cannot keep up with the pressures, a secondary relief will begin to vent.

There are always dual redundant safety systems on our vessels. Another bit of equipment that constantly vents is our Road Relief. This allows our vessels to go over the road at a safely maintained pressure of 21 PSI. Anything over 21 PSI over the road constitutes a different regulation under MCC 331.


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