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Tank Rehabilitation

Cryogenic Transport and Vessel Rehabilitation

Like many companies that transport cryogenic liquids, Pacific CA Systems, Inc. faces the challenge posed by a rapidly expanding demand for products and services. Meeting these expanding customer needs was becoming increasingly difficult with the relative shortage of new and serviceable used transports and vessels. Our commitment to customer service soon demanded a solution.

That solution was to create a rehabilitation facility so our transport and portable bulk storage fleet could grow through the acquisition of used transports and vessels in need of extensive work. With the 7,000 square foot expansion of our shop that includes new blasting and surface coating booths large enough to do the job, our facilities were now up to the task. As importantly, we added to our staff in numbers and expertise to ensure the job is done right and on a timely basis.

Full fabrication cryogenic trailer and tank rehab. Bulk tank repair and rehab. Sandblast and paint booth.

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