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Bulk transport of cryogenic liquids

Since 2002 Pacific CA Systems, Inc. has been supporting oil and natural gas field service companies in Canada and the United States. Our fleet of trucks and cryogenic trailers are ready to roll for you. We employ professional drivers dedicated to consistent on-time deliveries at the site you designate. This ensures no delays in your process. You won't be waiting for nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide when your well is ready to be fraced (hydraulic fracturing).

Each of our drivers carry the Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) to their Commercial Driver License (CDL) as well as receive specialized product and safety training. They are in daily contact with our dispatching team to ensure maximum response and service. Using the tanker transports they will fill your king, queen, or whale storage vessels. In addition, PCAS has hogs or storage tanks mounted on step-deck trailers for additional storage capacity at your well site.

Our modern fleet contains off-road-capable tractors and trailers. Each is equipped with hydraulic pumps. The fleet is maintained by our qualified mechanics employed at our recently expanded shop facilities. They ensure our fleet is in top-notch condition and ready to serve you. Pacific CA Systems, Inc. is ready to assist you in:

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