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The professional personnel and fleet of Pacific CA Systems, Inc. are ready to roll for you and your customer. Since 2002, our cryogenic transports have served as a dependable rolling pipeline from our customer's supply location to their customer's destination. Pacific CA Systems, Inc. stands in the breach when you need your customers supplied with product. If you have an emergency or a planned plant maintenance shutdown, we are there to ensure there are no disruptions of service. In contrast, if you desire us to do your regular deliveries, we are ready. This includes delivery to retail outlets for day-to-day distribution of cryogenic liquids. Examples include oxygen for hospitals, carbon dioxide for bottling of beverages, and nitrogen delivered to oil refineries.

To date, Pacific CA Systems, Inc. has provided regular service throughout the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Alberta and California. We stand ready to go beyond this region to meet you and your customer's needs. In this capacity we have traveled from coast to coast supplying cryogenic liquids for a wide variety of customers and uses. We have delivered products to extinguish coal mine fires, cool nuclear reactors, process silicon computer chips, produce special effects for movie sets, bottle wine...and the list goes on. Whatever the location, whatever the use, we are ready to be of service.

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